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Falls Awareness in NE Surrey

june07 123The Falls Team based at St Peter’s Chertsey regularly do Falls Awareness sessions to groups in the community. They have a standard presentation with some great visual aids which help people understand what they can do to reduce their risk of falling and to hear what sorts of help the health service provides.

Before they went out to talk the A2 Housing Group’s social club in the afternoon (with cream tea!) Anne Ralphson, Falls Co-ordinator and Sister Fiona Bird gave me some time to talk about what they do.

Fiona explained the work of the team, again emphasising the importance of maintaining independence and the sensitivity needed in dealing with people in their own homes. She also explains the large box of Quality Street on her shelf…
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Anne took some coaxing to appear on camera, but I managed to get her to talk a little about the benefits to patients and why she’s proud of the service.
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[OOOPS! apologies for getting names wrong on this one – the videos will be updated to be consistent as soon as possible – LD]


Stopping smoking isn’t only for young people

Further up Guildford High Street there was more information on offer at Abbot’s Hospital.

I took a moment to talk to Dot Yates, a Smoking Cessation specialist. We talked about how although people seem to be very aware of the new smoking ban in England, few know that the NHS provides specialist services to help them give up.

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Dot also explained why the service was involved in Falls Awareness Day – older people might think it’s not worth them giving up if they have smoked all their lives, but Dot points out that they can get enormous benefit to their fitness (and reduce the risk of falling) by stopping smoking.

The service runs out of the Jarvis Centre in Guildford and details can be found here

National Falls Awareness Day 2007

June 26th was National Falls Awareness Day and we went out in Guildford and Chertsey to see how people providing health services in the community were supporting the day and raising awareness.

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Our first stop was the Guildhall in Guildford where I met up with Jane Doherty, Senior Physiotherapist with the Falls Team at the Florence Desmond Day Hospital, attached to the Royal Surrey. The team provides a comprehensive service mainly to older people, aimed at preventing falls and helping people to maintain their independence in their own home. The service covers all sorts of assessment, investigations and screening as well as advice and exercises.

We couldn’t talk for long as Jane was busy helping people fit new ferrules to their walking sticks. She explained that lots of people just let that rubber bit wear smooth and don’t think of getting it changed, but it can make an enormous difference to the usability of a stick and reduce the likelihood of a fall.

I did manage to get Jane away from the stall long enough for a quick interview and asked her to explain what the Falls Team does in this short video.

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The Deputy Mayor of Guildford, Cllr Jennifer Jordan (seen below accompanied by a walking cigarette) was along at the Guildhall but I don’t know whether Jane managed to doorstep her about the quality of paving in Guildford High Street.
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